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Party Planning 

Planning is one of the most important aspects of a smooth and well run party. We have some helpful tips on how to plan ahead for your party as well as ideas on the highly anticipated party bags, free party planning printables themed party printables, decorating ideas and much more.

Achieving the WOW Factor 

Well Balanced Party Bags

 Kids party wow factor kids party bags

It’s taken quite a few attempts over the years to pull off the perfect party for my kids. Whether it’s a birthday party of just a sleepover, there are more than a few elements that needs to be considered in order to get the combination just right, and
make them go WOW!

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When my kids comes home from a birthday party,
I have to be armed with a toothbrush, floss and a
set of activities to cut down the hyperactivity that
comes with sugary things that usually dominate
the party bag he brings home from the party.
So how was I going to create just the right balance? 

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Kids Parties on a Budget

Fun & Educational Parties

 kids parties on a budget  Educational Parties

Being in the party industry and a mum in general a common thing mentioned about kids parties is the cost, and how expensive they can be or perceived to be. Parties can look amazing on any budget, all it takes is time, planning and effort and you can create a fabulous looking party even when you dont have a lot to spend. Here are some simple tips to help you create a lovely party setting when you are planning on a budget.

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I know party planning can be really stressful and 
hard work, but for others, they absolutely love it & 
really shine when they plan a party. I’m definitely
the shiner. What I also love are the learning benefits for kids hidden in all that glitter and madness. So I’ve put together 5 tips to help uncover those hidden treasures and add a bit of sneaky education to the process.

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Kids Party Planning Checklists

Licensed Parties in Style

 Kids Party Planning Checklist  licensed kids parties

Are you planning your child's birthday party?
Don't let the planning and preparation overwhelm or stress you out.  Get your party organised with our Birthday Party Planning Checklist. Easy to follow and outlines all the details you need to organise for the special day!  

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As a parent i think its inevitable that one year or another (probably more!) our child is going to ask for a party theme of a licensed character.  Something I often hear from Mums when their kids ask for a character party is ' uhhhh' or a straight out, we dont do licensed parties. 

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Fun Party Bag Ideas

Perfect Party Accessories

Kids Party Bags

 kids party printables

I love Party Bags! Making party bags is one of the things I enjoy the most about planning the kids parties and I think its a great way to get really creative as there are lots of fun ways to package and present your take home goodies. 

Here are a few ideas of fun and affordable party bag/take home gift options.

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Looking for a fun and funky way to incorporate a theme into your party set up?  Then why not accessorise with party printables!

Printables are now my #1 party setting must have!
They are a perfect, affordable way to incorporate/carry the theme across all aspects of your party & they really do add that extra bit of ‘wow’!
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