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Kids Party Theme Ideas

Choosing a theme can help with the planning and styling of your child's party. It can be as simple as choosing a theme colour, an activity such as a Pamper Party or Sports Party or the latest Disney or TV Characters. We have put together some great kids party theme ideas for you for a little inspiration. 

 First Birthday Theme Ideas

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

First Birthday

The Very Hungry Caterpillar Theme Birthday Party  Babies First Birthday

This is a bright and cheerful theme that is very popular for first birthdays and a fun way to celebrate a birthday with a story book classic.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar is a popular and super fun party theme for little boys & girls. This theme offers the opportunity to get really hands on and crafty with your decorations and also with your party food. 

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When you start planning your child's birthday, one of the first things to consider is the 'Party Theme'. I always let my children choose their party theme once they are old enough but for baby's 1st Birthday some ways to choose a meaningful theme could be basing it on a special book you read to them, the same theme as their nursery or bedroom or based on a cute cartoon show. 

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Disney Themed Birthday Theme Ideas


 Disney Princess

Disney Frozen Themed Party Disney Princess Theme

My daughter Charlotte along with millions of other girls around the world has fallen in love with the Disney musical movie Frozen. I happily agreed to this theme choice for her 4th Birthday as I knew it was going to be an easy one to plan for. 

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Today's post is a list of great finds to help you put together a gorgeous Disney Princess themed party. 

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TV Character Theme Ideas

Peppa Pig


Peppa Pig Party  Play School Party

We are all fans of a family of lovable pigs in the British series, called Peppa Pig.  Peppa is the older, slightly bossy sister and George is her little brother that loves dinosaurs. So it made sense to mark the occasion of my daughter, Charlotte turning 2 by having a Peppa Pig themed party. 

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There's a Bear in There, and a Chair as well ...Play School a classic childrens show, that has been loved by generations of children and is still a household favourite today makes a cute & fun party theme for little ones. There are lots of great ideas &
it is a great chance to channel your inner 'Playschool Presenter' and get crafty and DIY!

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Giggle & Hoot


Giggle and Hoot Party lalaloopsy

Giggle and Hoot have become an Aussie household favourite for many families with young children, I know we are big fans in our house. 

Tableware and decorations can be plain, though choose matching colours such as Blue, Orange, Purple and you can even throw in a splash of Pink after the introduction of Hootabelle.

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Being the first time we got to hold a ‘girly’ celebration, we decided to theme the morning tea and decided on ‘Lalaloopsy’. 
All the Lalaloopsy dolls have their own personalities, so rather than just do an overall Lalaloopsy theme, we decided to theme a couple of little sections according to a doll’s personality.  

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Superheros and Action Figure Theme Ideas 

Knights & Dragons

Star Wars / Angry Birds

Knights and Dragons party  Star Wars Party

We recently celebrated my son Ethan's 7th Birthday. Ethan chose a Knight theme and invited a few of his closest little friends to help him celebrate.  I always enjoy the kids parties but I have to say this was the best party ever!  Not the set up (though I was stoked with how it turned out) but it was just such a good time.  Ethan was very particular about what he wanted for his party and wanted a sit down 'feast' as close to what they would have had in medieval times and it definitely had to include a 'big chook'.   

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There was never any question as to what my soon to be five year old son was going to choose as his birthday party theme this year.  He had become Angry Birds and Star Wars ‘obsessed’ and when the two came together in a marketers dream he was hooked!

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 Lego Party  

Lego is a classic toy that has been entertaining kids for generations. Nowadays Lego goes well beyond just being a box
of blocks and is available in a wide range of themes perfect for boys and girls of all ages.  With so many themes available or even just sticking to the more traditional Lego look, it makes
for a great kids party theme with lots of fun and creative ideas
for food and decorations. 

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 Other Theme Ideas

Dinosaur Roar

 Beach / Under the Sea

Dinosaur Party  Beach Shark Theme Party

Well it was my little man Declan's 3rd Birthday a couple of weeks ago and this years party theme was Dinosaurs!

Declan's Dinosaur obsession started after he saw Justine Clarke's ' Dinosaur Roar'  on ABC.  It was the basis for our Dinosaur party with our backdrop and props that hubby made, based around the film clip.  I had initially visioned a really cute baby Dino style for the party, but Declan wouldn't have a bar of that!  He wanted scary dinosaurs and T-Rex's all the way.

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Today I am excited to show you my son Declan's 5th Birthday Party photos.  Declan had initially wanted a Horse party this
year but a few months ago he changed his mind.  He wasn't
too sure what he wanted so we looked through some fun
themed tableware and he chose Sharks as his theme, with a Beach feel though as opposed to Under the Sea. This party
was so bright & fun to plan and is definitely one of my
favourites so far. 

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 rainbow party  Jungle Theme Party

Rainbow parties are certainly popular at the moment but rainbow specific party products can be tricky to come across.  But that just means you can get super crafty with your party planning!  Plenty of fun ideas out there for rainbow parties and a great way to get the kids involved with the planning as well.  Here are a few fun things I have found to help with planning your Rainbow Party. 

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 A couple of weeks ago it was my oldest little man Ethan's 5th Birthday. 5 years, where has the time gone!  This year there had been a few mind changes on theme but a few months ago Ethan decided on Monkey's.  We ended up throwing in a few more jungle animals as well and we had a lot of fun being able to use such bright, fun colours!

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Bonfire Party

Bonfire party  

Due to a recent trip down south to see family, I thought it would be appropriate to celebrate my son's birthday with his grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins.  This didn't leave a great deal of time time.Two days before the party, my dad mentioned he had some wood that needed burning and would the kids like to see a bonfire.  Ahh yes! So in came the Bonfire theme and the Dino cake became a Dragon!

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