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Kids Party Games & Entertainment

So, you have set the theme of the party, have the invitation list ready and now the panic hits. How am I going to entertain all these kids for 2 hours? We have put together some fun party game ideas that will keep the kids busy and entertained for hours.

10 Fun Party Games

Party Entertainment Ideas 

 Fun Party Games  Kids Party Entertainment

Kids love playing party games and I have compiled a list of easy party games that are loads of fun to play and also budget friendly. 

Most games can be played using everyday items
from around the home and small prizes such as
sweets, stickers, stamps or whistles can be
purchased from party shops or discount

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When planning a child's birthday party an important factor to consider is; what are the children going to do for entertainment ? Whether you are thinking of having a venue party or home party it's important to consider entertainment in your preparation and budget.  There is an endless amount of possibilities for party entertainment, suitable for all themes, ages and budgets.  Not sure what to do? Have a read through the list of popular ideas below. 

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