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Kids Parties on a Budget

Let's face it...Kids parties can be expensive, however we have some hints and tips on how to create an affordable kids party while still achieving the wow factor. Whether it be making your own printables or using themed colours combined with licensed partyware we have some helpful ideas for you.

Kids Parties on a Budget

Affordable Party Bags

 Kids parties on a budget kids party bags

Being in the party industry and a mum in general a common thing mentioned about kids parties is the cost, and how expensive they can be or perceived to be. Parties can look amazing on any budget, all it takes is time, planning and effort and you can create a fabulous looking party even when you dont have a lot to spend. Here are some simple tips to help you create a lovely party setting when you are planning on a budget.

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When my kids comes home from a birthday party,
I have to be armed with a toothbrush, floss and a
set of activities to cut down the hyperactivity that
comes with sugary things that usually dominate
the party bag he brings home from the party.

So how was I going to create just the right balance at an affordable price? 

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