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Birthday Present Ideas

1st Birthday Gift Ideas

Can't decide what to get for that special 1st birthday?  Here are some ideas to get you started!

  • The individual letters of the little ones name to hang on the door or wall
  • If it wasn't done at birth a tree to mark their first year of life
  • A piece of jewellery with the childs name engraved on it or their birth stone
  • Personalised gifts like books with their name in it, puzzles, t-shirt etc
  • It's never to young to start children on books
  • Toys for the bath are always popular

Most baby toys come with an indication of the age level the toy is aimed at. Pay attention to this. If the child is 1 year don’t buy a toy for 6 months plus. Even if the toy still has value for the older child, the child will not get the maximum use out of it. It is better to get something for a slightly older child (I am sure they are a very intelligent baby anyway). Below you will find some good baby or toddler gift ideas and toy ideas for different age groups

Toddler and Pre-Schooler Gift Ideas

Children under two grow faster than you could possibly imagine, not only in physical size but also in mental ability.

Ball pools are great for toddlers, they are basically a swimming pool filled to the brim with plastic balls and a child sits in this with nothing to hurt themselves with, just lots of plastic balls to throw and dive on, toddlers will have hours of fun with this gift.

A jigsaw will help a toddler in the learning stages as they take everything in and also remember lots, jigsaws will also help with teaching your toddler that learning is fun and they will want to learn more and more as they grow.

Bath time gifts will be an ideal gift for a toddler this year because lots of children love having a bath and playing in the water but, some hate it also. The bath time toys will help entice your child into the bath and create a calm bath time, once they realise it is fun.

Pull and go toys are a nice gift for toddlers that have just started to walk, as they help children to learn how to keep their balance for longer periods, which then encourages them to gain more confidence whilst walking.

Toddlers will like the big chunky building blocks as a gift to play with, they are great fun, and they also help in learning with hand and eye co-ordination. These blocks are so big they have no small pieces for a child to choke on so they are very safe toys.

Birthdays would not be the same for any toddler who did not receive a ride on toy such as a car, train or horse as a gift, all children love whizzing around on them and they have great fun times indoors and outdoors when the weather is nice.

Pop up tents are a good gift for toddlers as they like to play peek a boo and hide and seek, Pop up tents make a great hiding place and also a great storage companion for toys at tidy up time. All the toys can be put inside at night and pulled back out for play time, and the tent is so easy to get up and down.

School Age Child Gift Ideas

What do you get for someone who is primary school aged? Once children are off to school they are thinking about reading, writing, playing and making friends. At this age, some are more aware of "boys toys" and "girls toys" and the toys that their friends have. Here are some ideas that could suit both.

Cooking materials, scooter or bike and helmet, garden tools, jigsaw puzzle, musical instrument, Lego, books, stationary, customised clothing, beach towel, back packs, a term of an activity such art, drama or tennis.

Teenager Gift Ideas

This can be tough age group to buy for.  It's best to ask their parents if they have particular interests or you really can't go wrong wth gift vouchers.  Here are some other ideas.

For Girls - mobile phone credit (they always run out), hair straightener, pretty bras, sunglasses, clutch bag, high heels, movie tickets, art class voucher, bikini and beach towel, jewellery, magazine subscription, language class voucher.

For Boys - computer games (there's always a newer, more challenging one out), itunes credit, baseball, soccer, basketball, cricket, rugby outfits or equipment e.g raquet, golf clubs, lessons for tennis, golf, squash, sailing and athletics, underwear, cap, magazine subscription, acting class voucher.